Mr. Justin Williams, Born on August 26,1988, is a man of many qualities. Not only is he the founder of J.Dunte Hat Co. he is also the founder of the Ivy League Child Development center, J Dunte Realty, Inc. and co-founder of 4th Quarter Sports bar and grill all in Dallas Texas. His goal as a Leader is to re-create black wall street again like Tulsa, Oklahoma. Justin has always had an eye for fashion. His styled was inspired by his mother who was very stylish, in a classic chic kind of way.
Justin Williams received his bachelors degree from Texas Southern University and masters from Texas A&M University Commerce. He is known for dressing well and his outfit being accessorized with a nice fedora. 
Hats use to be the ultimate status symbol. Bishops, kings, aristocrats and laborer’s all had some item of headwear to mark their social position. Therefore, Justin set out to bring back this tradition by hand crafting a chic felt fedora for the upper echelon of the fashionable society.